Since Carmen Electra ditched her real name, I’m required to have an FAQ when online.Frequently asked questions being what they are, the most frequently asked is, “Is that your real name?” Of course not. It’s…

Tera Jean Patricks.” My friends call me ‘Tera.’ My family calls me ‘Tera Jean.’

My very close and irreverent friends call me ‘Divine Missy T.’ Whatever.

#10 – What do you look like? This is asked often because of my affiliation with the web site Mac360 (started by a bunch of friends, including me). I thought the tinsel look made me appear more, you know, Hollywood.  It also covered up what was left of my hair from two previous bouts with cancer.

#9 – Where do you live? I’m in sunny southern California; Los Angeles. I’ve lived in Honolulu, the Midwest, and Florida.  The most frequent follow-up question is, “Do you surf?” No, I’m a “sponger“. You get to figure out what that means.

#8 – Are you single? (tie: Are you married?) Yes and no. I have a relationship, though, for now I’m at home with family and recuperating. No pets.

#7 – Did you build TeraTalks yourself? Yes. My friend Barbara Marie (Bambi) Hambi in Las Vegas did the graphic design and layout. I’m crummy at that. I put the pieces together and the site is hosted on an Apple Mac mini using Mac OS X Tiger.

#6 – What are your hobbies? I read and write and take pictures, and, for awhile, worked with Bambi in a media business (which she still runs out of Las Vegas).  I’m also a long, long time Macintosh user, but my computing career goes back to the very early 80s and an Osborne I with CP/M, dBase II, WordStar and SuperCalc.

#5 – Do you have a photo gallery? Yes, but you can’t see it. Yet. The content management system I used to build TeraTalks has a built in photo gallery, so I’ll get to it.  California is a great place for photos and I have over 10,000 photos to display.

#4 – Do you have children? That question gets asked often, though wouldn’t rank as high if not for porn queen ‘Tera Patrick.’  I could not ask for a better conversation starter; especially with guys. Of course, they tell their friends they met Tera Patrick and I never hear from them again.

#3 – What do you do for a living? For now, I’m semi-retired, though my career is broad; media production (radio commercials and TV voice overs), compuer systems integration.

Yes, I know my way around Unix systems, Linux, the Mac. Preference? The Mac, because it’s the best of all worlds.

#2 – Can I call you up some time? Amazingly, just a few years ago, before Carmen Electra ditched her real name, that question was never in the Top 20, let alone the Top 10.

#1 – Is that your real name? Yes. The real story about the family name is in the About section.

See? Made you look.

Editor’s NoteBefore her death, Tera passed along her personal journal. It is filled with hundreds of comments, essays, observations, and perspectives on many different subjects. As time permits, I will edit and publish select journal entries for Tera Talks—Alexis Kayhill