Everything you wanted to know about Tera Patricks. Really. No more, no less. Tera Talks is about Tera Jean Patricks. Me. It’s a daily (sort of) journal about my thoughts on a variety of topics, concerns, issues.

There won’t be much on my life as history; childhood, adulthood, family, friends, career, though there’s probably more than you need to know.

Tera Jean Patricks. Until recently, it was an ordinary name, and an ordinary life. Most of the decades in my life were uneventful. The Patricks family had children, who had children, who had children, who had me.

It used to be the “Patrickson” family, until my great grandfather changed the name and moved to greener pastures. Why?

Apparently, there’s an ancient Patricks relative named Patrickson who was wanted by the law for doing bad things, and great grandfather got tired of the knocks on the door, conversations with the local sheriff, and untrusting neighbors.

Most folks call me Tera. My mom and dad call me Tera Jean, though mostly when they want to say something they think is important.

My close friends call me “Missy T.” That was authored by my best friend, Barbara Marie Hambi.

What we have in common as friends began with the knowledge that our forefathers changed the family’s last name because naughty relatives besmirched both name and reputation.

Something had to be done, so they just changed the name and moved to another town. That’s what happened to Bambi’s relatives, too. Apparently, it’s not uncommon. Many family names are derivatives of other names, changed for a variety of reasons.

My name has never been an issue, though male friends somehow loved it when I told them my best friend’s name was “Bambi.” Barbara Marie. Tall. Blonde. Beautiful. Loves to eat.

Outside of the common last name history, we don’t share much in common except a love for media, current events, and Apple computers. A love which we share in common at our web site, Mac360.

I have a love life, family, friends, and there’s been a significant other or two or three through the years.

My interests are wide and varied. I was in broadcasting for many years, then advertising and media production, another history I share with Bambi. I’ve been a teacher, though I’m a writer by original trade, and I’m something of a photographer and videographer. I haven’t produced much of substance except hundreds of commercials (not as the star; that’s Bambi’s role), most of which were easily forgotten or utterly destructive to gray matter.

In addition to writing and photography, I’ve been a computer user since the CP/M days decades ago (so old the computers were pedal driven), and know my way around Unix, Linux, and the Mac. Tall girls can do that.

The years have been kind, plentiful, eventful, and at times harsh. Kind, because I have many friends and family members, and many interests. I’ve also had cancer. Again. And again. I’m still here, though the battles take more effort each time.

TeraTalks is my personal journal as of February 1, 2006. My objective, while I’m able, is to share my feelings and perspectives, record my thoughts, and perhaps touch a life or two in a positive way that I might not otherwise, and do so while I’m able.

My life has been rather ordinary, though I’ve learned a few things along the way. No, you can’t have it all. You can try. I have. The years make us more considerate, thoughtful, and careful.

I’m more careful which roads I go down, how far, with whom, and for what reasons. I’m less careful about my opinions, though I can at least spell tact.

I’ve achieved some notoriety by sharing most of a name with porn star Tera Patrick. Blind dates are much easier to get these days. Based on what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t mind sharing at least a couple of other traits with that Tera. That’s not her real name, which was surely borrowed from another star of notoriety. Tara Patrick is the real name of Carmen Electra.

I’m simply a Tera.

Editor’s NoteBefore her death, Tera passed along her personal journal. It is filled with hundreds of comments, essays, observations, and perspectives on many different subjects. As time permits, I will edit and publish select journal entries for Tera Talks—Alexis Kayhill