Making Michigan our Bichigan

Molon Labe.

The Paul Bunyan trophy gets to stay in East Lansing for another year! With a 28-14 win, we can claim a 4-0 win streak against the boys in Piss and Blue.

It was a great win by our boys in Green and er… bronze on a cold and windy day. A dominant performance on both sides of the ball against Hoke led We Are Michigan team. It seems that the bye week helped make our offensive line a more cohesive unit and allowed our players to nurse their injuries.

I’m thinking that Michigan established a defensive plan that was geared more towards trying to stop our passing game due to our lack of ability to run the ball. I think we surprised Mattison and defense as to how committed to the run we were. Where a running game that we lacked against better teams appeared suddenly out of nowhere. A magnificent 213 yards of rushing was achieved against the Wolverines so called top 5 defense. Edwin “Rock” Baker provided 167 yards on 26 attempts. Kirk Cousins did enough to manage the game where winds were gusting up to 30 mph.

So how good was the patchwork offensive line? Mike Martin, a Wolverine DE NFL prospect, was no where to be found. Jordan Kovacs? The same. The offensive line was dominant enough enough make them both non-factors in the game.

On our defensive side of the ball, it was an ugly start. When Michigan marched right down the field and drew first blood, I thought this might be a close game. But the Spartans settle down and for the most part took care of business. Narduzzi continued off using the same blue print we used last year to limit Denard “Shoelace/Mr. September Heisman” Robinson. We contained Denard and forced him to try and beat us with his arm in 30 mph ours wind. It resulted in marvelous 9/24 passing for 123 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT a remarkable 18 carries for 42 yards.

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Of course there were some ugly incidents on the field. Especially you Mr Gholston (Was that face mask helmet twist on Denard really necessary? I’m all for playing with intensity and but that was just brutal). We commited 13 personal fouls for 124 yards. Our personal fouls essentially WAS the Michigan offense. It allowed Michigan come into our territory and gave them better field position and a better chance to score. If this was a better Michigan team instead of an over hyped one, they would have taken advantage of those fouls and would perhaps won the game. We even gave them two fumbles in our territory to help their cause.

At the same time. I was pleased as to how aggressive our defense played. It showed we would not be intimidated and that this is not the same Michigan State the past yonder years. We will not fold underneath our mistakes and penalties. We are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Of course Michigan doesn’t consider Michigan State to be a rival. They only consider a school to be a rival when they get their asses handed down to them numerous times by schools, ie Ohio State University.

In the end, this is a game of football. It’s a physical sport. We are not playing patty cakes or hopscotch. The aggressor makes the rules. We punched Michigan right in their mouth and they cowered.

4 more years and more to come.


After having a few months to think about the Pro Combat Jersey, I’ve decided I too like them. Remember, these were designed for the players and future Spartan football players who thought they were badass. Not for the fans.

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