Fingerboard: Facts You Should Know About

Most of the world already knows about skateboards, especially those who like to hang out around skating ramps.


though over the years it has been garnering mass popularity. They are mostly popular with boys in their prepubescent years. However, the fingerboard has been around for as long as the 1970′s. It is strange that they were first built cardboard and old toy cars, now they are a convenient novelty toy and very popular all over the world. It is so small it can be carried around anywhere and taken out when you have time to kill.


It was in the 1970′s when the first fingerboard were first introduced. These were made from simple materials like cardboard and parts of toy cars. During the 1980′s, they were sold in skate shops and fashioned as keychains. They were very popular with a selected fanbase. The first fingerboard was hardly as fun as the fingerboard made by a Tech Deck. Tech Deck had made improvements on the first design to make it more similar to its larger counterpart. The fingerboard can now be ridden. It was only in the 1990′s that skateboard manufacturers began to see the fingerboard as a potential profitable novelty.


The fingerboard is like a miniature version of the skateboard, except this it is custom sized for your fingers. To better understand how it works, you can learn about the parts. The first part is the fingerboard deck. It is the board without the wheels and other parts. The ends are curved ends (Kicks) and a curved body (Concave) for doing tricks. Then there are the Trucks, not to be confused with the big vehicles. Trucks are what connect the wheels to the fingerboard deck. Of course, there are the wheels. They are what get the fingerboard moving. The risers at the bottom of the truck help giving more height when doing tricks. Bushings, they are found in between the top and bottom trucks. Pivot cups connect the kingpin and master slot. Last but not least is the tape. It can be made of foam or any material that can act as a grip tape. It is found on top of the fingerboard deck.

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You can actually make your own fingerboard now. It is not very hard if you know what to do. If you remember, the first fingerboard was actually made of very simple materials. You will need a few things like, a fingerboard mold, wood veneer (5 of them), wood glue, clamps, razor, sand paper and a plastic tech deck. The first step is to apply wood glue on the front of all wood veneers sheets. Along the edges, line up the wood before then finally putting the mold. Make sure to keep the wood flat. Use the clamps to clamp the mold and then remove the unnecessary wood glue. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, you can remove the clamps. Get your deck and place it over the veneer sheets with wood glue, molding it into the form of a skateboard. Use a pair of scissors or razor to finish the skateboard shape. When you’re done, you can use the sandpaper around the fingerboard to make the surface looking polished and smooth.


What are you waiting for? Get into the new craze. You don’t have to be a skateboarder to get into it. It is easy to make and in time it becomes easy to do. Give your neglected fingers a new experience with the fingerboard.