Placing Vertical AdSense in Sidebars of WordPress Themes

This tutorial shows you how to add a vertical AdSense Sidebar ads to your blog.

Step 1 – Get your AdSense Code. You need to log into your AdSense Account (you need one!) Once in, choose AdSense Setup, as shown below. Then follow the steps that follow.

Choose AdSense For Content as shown below.

Choose a type of ad. In this case, choose Ad Unit – Text and Image Ads are my preference although some prefer strictly text. Also, some prefer strictly image ads. See below.

You need to match the ad colors to your theme. (Well, actually you don’t need to match the colors, but your conversion will be much better if you do!) If you are using one of the free WordPress themes offered here, there will be a text file called ADSENSE INFO included in your theme folder – you should open this or print it out – it gives you the exact color codes. With some other theme you will need to try your best at matching colors – one way to do this is to hunt around in the style.css file using Editor in the Appearance menu (that can be an adventure!). See how I matched the colors below – I had my border and background both use the background color listed, used the URL color for the URL and used the text color for title and text.

Click continue. Then, you should create a channel for this ad if you do not have one. This allows you to track performance in the event you have more than one blog or ad type. This is important to do!

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Next you will see a screen like the one below. You might want to give this a somewhat descriptive title so you can find this code block again easier in your Ad Manager. Click on Submit and Get Code.

Highlight and Copy the code you see in the next screen, as shown below.

Step 2 – Insert Your Adsense Code Into Your Blog – First, you need to determine where you want the Adsense block. My preference would be to have it below the Search box on the right. This would correspond to Sidebar 2, since Sidebar 1 is always the leftmost sidebar. See screen shot below.

Then, log into your blog and go to your Dashboard. From there, click on the arrow next to Appearance to reveal a dropdown menu with what are called Widgets. Click on the Widgets item, as shown below.

Now, drag a Text widget to the Sidebar 2, as shown below.Click on the image below to see a larger view.

Now, paste the AdSense text you copied earlier into the widget text box as shown below.

With some themes (like the themes provided on this site) , you may find the widgets that came with the theme vanished when you added the text widget. Oh no! That is not a problem, however Just add them back in, as shown below.

Note that it can take 1/2 hour or more before the ads start showing up! So be patient. The blog, with ads running, is shown below. As you can see, the ads on the right below the search window look like part of the site – they look like “they belong”.

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