How to Clean Up Your Computer

How to Clean Up Your Computer

Using the hard disk space to the maximum will cause the system to jam frequently. This is because the computer cannot function properly when too many programs are installed on the hard disk. Often, most of the programs installed on the computer are not used. The temporary files stored on your hard disk can also slow down the computer. To make your computer run faster, you must clean up the hard disk. One way to clean up your computer is to use a cleanup scanner. The clean up scanner will perform a scan on your hard disk and detect unnecessary files. You will be prompted to decide whether you want the files to be deleted.

It is not necessary to use a cleanup scanner to remove an unused program. You can remove the unused program manually through the control panel. In the control panel, there is an icon called Add or Remove Programs. After clicking on the icon, you will be presented with a list of programs installed on the hard disk. You can scroll down the Add or Remove Program menu to find the program you want to delete. After you have found the program, you should click on the uninstall button. You should follow the instruction to uninstall it. Once you have uninstalled the program, all the files associated with it will be deleted completely from the hard disk. To delete the unused program manually, your account must have an administrator status. So how to clean up your computer? Read on!

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Clean up scanner can only remove programs and temporary files from your computer. It cannot clear the caches and cookies of the web browser. Caches can slow down the operation of your computer. You can clear the cache by going to the general tab under the tools menu. If you didn’t clear your caches for a long time, it will accumulate to a large number of files. It will take some time to clear away the caches.

Sometimes, certain Windows component will affect the computer’s performance. The components usually come along with the Windows operating system. After you have deleted the Windows component, you will still be able to reinstall it with the Windows CD. The Windows components can be removed through the Add or Remove Programs menu.

If your desktop is messy, you must organize the icons so that they will look neat. If the icons are scattered over different places on the desktop, your computer will have slower performance. Your desktop should not be cluttered with icons. When too many icons are on the desktop, the computer will hang occasionally. There is no need to put an icon for every program. You should only put a shortcut icon for the program if you use it frequently. Folders should not have too many files. It is best to not store too many files in a folder as your computer can get jammed if you open it. You can remove the files including music, documents, and movies from the folder by storing them into an external hard disk. That’s it for this edition of how to clean up your computer, for more click the link below.

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