Google Tools are a good way of keeping your startup organized and running. Every first-time internet entrepreneur might feel lost as to where to save documents, how to conference between members or which daily calendar would be the best. Keeping the business organized and all employees on the same page at all times is time taking and cumbersome. Without any proper tools at your disposal you’ll be lost in paperwork. Google Tools is like an all-purpose knife that can take care of many of your business requirements, big or small. Some of these tools are

1. Gmail

Google’s email service Gmail is quite popular because of the various levels of organization it offers. Filtering and archiving is easy here as the service offers multiple labels. Not to mention the 10 GB of free space that comes along

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a daily calendar with the advantage of sharing it with preferred people. This calendar can also be embedded into your website.

3. Google Blogger

You want an online presence for your business but aren’t quite ready for a self-hosting blog. Or you just want to validate your business idea without paying up for a domain name. For both such scenarios, using a blog will be your best option. Even if later you switch to a self-hosted website, you might want to keep your Google blog alive. For many believe that getting links on Google pre-owned properties can help with better indexing of your website on Google search.

4. Google Drive – Google Docs

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Whether it is documents or spreadsheets or presentations or tables, Google Drive has it all. Best thing about Google Drive is collaboration. You can create, view, edit and download documents among your team members. Another advantage is when you host a file on your pc or laptop; you cannot access it from any other device. But with Google Drive, a file is hosted on web and therefore you can access it from anywhere and with any device.

5. YouTube

Another channel to reach out to a large audience is video channel, and YouTube does just that. You can make videos related to what you do and put it on the YouTube for the whole world to see. Also, Google search also feature YouTube videos and therefore if you are not able to rank your website well through SEO, but you might be able to do it through video.

6. Google+

Google+ is Google’s social network. It might not be the most popular one but it does offer the best of Google. It also has some optimizations especially designed for businesses.

7. Google Places

If you have a physical business and want local people to find your business when they internet search for the service, then Google Places is your best bet. You need to add your business listing on Google Places – name, address, business category, operational hours, profile, pictures and videos. That’s it and Google will add your business listing to its database. When interested people enter the specific keywords in their search, Google will show your business before the organic search result.

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8. Google Voice

If you do not want to give out your office number or your personal number as your contact number, you can create a phone number through Google Voice and make and receive calls and texts through it.

9. Google Input Cloud – Google Translate

If you encounter a webpage in another language, you can use this efficient service by Google and quickly translate it in the language of your choice. This is a mechanical translation and thus would not be perfect, but in any case you would be able to understand the main points.

10. Google Trends

Google Trends shows traffic trends for websites. You can search traffic for a particular domain by just entering its name. You can even use this tool to compare traffic among various sites by entering multiple domain names. One flip side though, the tool only works for websites with high traffic volume.