What’s The Best Mac Alarm? One That’s Cheap, Easy, And Howls

What many Mac users say they want and need is an alarm timer. The problem with most Mac timers is that they’re painful to use. We should be able to set an alarm, name it, and be done.

My search for the ultimate Mac timer continues, but I stopped for awhile to use Howler Pro (until I find something better).

It’s an alarm timer. It’s cheap. And it’s easy to set each alarm. Howler Pro sits in your Mac’s Menubar so it’s handy and quick to set up. Just click.


Because Howler Pro is visible in the Menubar, you only need to glance to see the status of the current alarm timer.

Each alarm timer you create can use a different alarm sound. When the alarm goes off, Howler Pro pops up on the screen (and you can set the visual pop up to cover the entire screen).

Once you create an alarm timer it can then be saved and reused (just change the time or date).

And, you can have as many alarm timers going as you need (within reason, of course).


This alarm timer is about as simple to set up and use as anything this side of the iPhone’s Siri voice recognition and activation timer.

That said, it would be nice if Howler Pro had an option for speaking an alarm, or playing an audio message that you could record and save.

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