Top6 Best Google Wallet Alternatives

These days with the digitalization of the world people are moving towards e-payments. People are starting to choose to discard their wallets and get all its contents into their new body part, their mobile phone. An app that helps in the realization of this trending wish of the users is Google Wallet.
Google Wallet is an e-wallet that can be installed in google mobile phones. Google Wallet is an almost exact replacement for a real wallet. Also, know about the best mobile payment apps . You can add any US debit card to your account. You can pay using those cards. You can transfer amount from your account to anybody using their email id or mobile number. The recipient should have their bank account connected using the same email id or mobile number. If it comes to security Google Wallet can be trusted. And to replace your wallet truly and entirely you can store gift cards, discount coupons and even your boarding pass, just like your real wallet.
There are other alternatives to Google wallet that can be downloaded on other Android systems and iOS. Some of them are:
Apple iWallet is an app similar to Google Wallet. But for an iOS platform. This can not only be used in just iPhone but also in iPod touch. Though it is not supported on an iPad. The digital coupons or tickets called a ‘passes’ can take information about the location. Each pass can take 10 locations at most. The wallet is sensitive of these locations added on the passes. It is also sensitive to the time of the passes too. The pass can also take up to 35 languages each.
PayPal is another mobile app that is similar to Google Wallet and a good alternative to Google wallet. PayPal is a well-known API(Application Program Interface) which makes transactions with merchants easier. PayPal can be used to make payments on online sites and auctions too. It can be used to buy or sell goods. It can be used to make donations. And even to send or receive money from friends.
Stripe is a google wallet card alternative app that is an API that reduces the work of the customer and the merchant. It can play a helpful role for e-commerces. It is another wallet like Google Wallet. You can add certain debit cards to the Stripe account. And make payments using those cards through Stripe.
Amazon Pay is an e-wallet of the group. This e-wallet can also be a Google wallet alternative. It can be used to make payments not just in Amazon sites but also in other online sites. The payments can be made using Amazon accounts. Amazon Pay helps you by saving you from filling in your card details and shipping details every time you shop something online.
Android Pay is an app more strikingly similar to Google wallet. It works almost as similar to Google wallet. You can store your credit cards, debit cards, coupons and even discount cards. It can be used to payments to merchants and in online sites. It can also be used to exchange money among friends. It can be installed in any android platform from KitKat 4.4
Venmo is an alternative to google wallet app that can be used on iOS, Android or even web platform. It is an e-wallet similar to Google wallet where the account can store any credit or debit card. Or it can also be synced to any desired U.S. bank account. The money can be transferred among venmo users or to the synced bank account or using the stored card. You can also request money from your friends using Venmo.
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