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I know this has nothing to do with the content on this website, but somebody posted a comment on my writing blog with a link to this YouTube song, and I just had to share.
I had goosebumps while listening to it!
Hey! It’s been a while since I last posted and I truly apologise – life has been amazingly hectic and has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, which I am going to tell you about now, in case you haven’t read of my story:
On May 19 I came across a gentleman called Barry Walls on a forum for internet marketers (the Warrior Forum – you may be familiar with it?). A woman had posted and was celebrating her success after being awarded $20 commission on a ClickBank sale. She had been working at it for 7 months.
People began responding to her post, congratulating her and offering her advice, when Barry came along.
Barry wasn’t so “congratulatory”! In fact, he said he could have gone to work in a third world country and walked away with more money! Of course this generated a lot of harsh posts towards him, but when reading what he had to say, I realised that he was 100% right in what he said. Ok, he didn’t have to be so harsh, but what he said was true.
What he also went on to say was that he could teach her to make more than that (he even suggested up to $1000 per DAY!) within only a few months. He even offered her FREE coaching! If I were her, I’d have been jumping at that chance!
But no, she did not take him up on his offer. I, on the other hand, wanted to know more – a LOT more, so I contacted him directly. I wanted to know what he was all about. He told me what he had been teaching people in the past and their results, and I wanted in, so asked him how much would he accept for him to coach me.
He told me that he almost had ready an online version of his coaching program (he’d been coaching face to face in the past), and he’d offer me a discount price if I was prepared to be a “guinea pig” so to speak.
My credit card was out within a millisecond and I got started!
So I began the course, which taught me how to get work writing articles for others. Prior to this I had been writing and submitting my own articles to article directories, and of course on my websites, so this wasn’t anything new, although I’d never written for somebody else before.
The course is really about building a business that eventually grows to a point where I can leverage more and more of my time as I complete each module.
6 weeks after I began the course, I was making enough to quit my job. I was pretty well-paid before in my job, so to see these results in only 6 weeks – I’ve never done a course in my life that offers that kind of payoff!
This post wasn’t supposed to be all about this course I’m doing though. It’s supposed to be about the goal I had written down a few months ago.
My goal was to be working from home and making more money than I was in my job. At this point it didn’t matter how much more – it just had to be more! The date I had written on my goal card was June 30.
I left my job on June 26! How good is THAT!!??
Now I truly believe that if I hadn’t written down that goal and wasn’t as specific as I was, I really don’t know if Barry Walls and I would have crossed paths. If we did, I’m not sure I would have tracked him down and insisted that he coach me!
So whatever your goal, be specific and write it down, and be sure to give yourself a due date for completion to generate a sense of urgency – you will be glad you did!
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