Blogging Platforms

Blogging platforms are pretty important for those, who are willing to start their very first blog! It is really confusing to choose the right blogging platform if you are new! When I was very new on the internet, I was also searching for blogging platforms! I searched on Google for ‘How to create a blog for free?’ or ‘How to create a website?’
I searched on Google for ‘How to create a blog for free?’ or ‘How to create a website?’ I joined on,,, and much more! But, I didn’t find them perfect for me! That’s why I started self-hosted WordPress blog. Here are the best platforms for starting a blog !


Self-hosted WordPress is the most used and favorite platform for creating a dynamic website! It’s really easy to start a blog! You just buy a domain, hosting and install WordPress. Then you are ready to start blogging!
* You host everything! You have full control over your files, site!
* There are big communities to solve your problem! If you are in trouble with your self-hosted WordPress blog, just Google the problem! You will find the answer!
* Tons of free and paid themes are available!
* Easy to customize! Anyone can use self-hosted WordPress!
* WordPress is SEO and User-friendly.
Cons :
* As you own the control of your site, you have to maintain everything, such as backup, security, updates!
You can buy a domain from Godaddy or any other domain provider. For buying hosting, A2 Hosting will be the best for starting.

2. WORDPRESS.COM is a freemium blogging platform! It’s kinda same as self-hosted WordPress site but has some limitations! There are thousands of blogs are on
* Free to use! You will get free space and bandwidth!
* Themes and plugins available! + easy to start up!
* you won’t have to worry about security!
* Storage limitation! –
* You can’t use ads! –
* You can’t use third party themes on your blog! –
* You don’t have the control of your blog.
You can choose free for the lifetime or there are different plans for you up to $24.92/month.
If you are a new blogger, you can go for the free option.

3.BLOGGER.COM aka Blogspot is powered by Google and free to use! It has been a popular blogging platforms for years! You can design your blog with templates, you can add widgets! You can use ads, you can also add top level domain name!
Pros: +
* Fully free! No fees for space and bandwidth!
* + you can use free or paid templates to design your blog! +
* You can add different widgets to your blog! +
* You can check your site stats for free! +
* You can apply for Adsense too!
* Blogspot is not updating their platform for years!
* You don’t have control! Any time you could have suspended by Google without notice!


Tumblr is not like other blogging platforms. Its a microblogging platform with social media features included. You can create your free blog on Tumblr. You can post photos, videos, text, link! You can follow others!
* It is free.
* You can add your custom domain.
* You can choose different designs.
* Lack of features.
* Lack of free themes.


Medium became a popular blogging platform within few hours. It’s free to use. Anyone can write their story, news or article on medium. You can get followers if you are writing good.
* You don’t need to worry about the design. Because everyone is using the same design.
* Easy to write.
* You won’t have the control of your blog.
* You can’t show ads.
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