Where Does Old Email Belong? Use A Mac Archive App To Store Email

How much old email clutters up your Mac? If you’re like me, then you have many thousands of email messages that you’re afraid to throw away.

Even if their value is dubious, some say it’s better to save than delete. Whether that’s the case or not, I don’t know. I save everything that looks valuable.

The problem is that Mail ends up cluttered with old mail boxes. Is there a way to save your email without having it clutter up Mail.

If mother is the necessity of invention, then some other mother had the same problem as me and invented MailWing, the email organizer and archiver for the Mac’s Mail.

MailWing links any mailbox in On My Mac to a Finder folder. All the email messages are moved from Mail into the linked folder. You can do it manually or automatically, using Mail’s built-in rules.

You decide where to put the archive Finder folder. Unread messages get flagged with a label. This Mail-Safe Archive folder is organized into year numbered folders, each with month numbered folders, and day numbered folders.


So, no more email clutter. Spotlight makes it easy to find email in the archive’s Finder folders. Every message gets saved as a standard .emix file. Double-click and Mail opens it for viewing (including attachments).

MailWing won’t win awards on attractive user interface design, but it’s a paltry price to pay for automatic email archives that are out of the way, maybe forgotten, but not gone.

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