Revealed: A Secret App That Makes A Mac More Fun To Use (get more Docks)

Who among us does not use the Mac’s Dock? From newbie to switcher, and most experienced Mac user, the Dock is where we start to launch an app.

The Dock? What’s special about the Dock is that it’s useful, always there, but can be hidden away, and anyone can learn the nominal intricacies within minutes. What’s wrong with the Dock? On a Mac notebook those Dock icons can get smaller and smaller as it fills up with apps and documents.

What you need is a little secret app that gives your Mac multiple Docks.

DockShelf is a rather inexpensive way to give your Mac more Docks, and more features on each Dock than Apple’s original Mac Dock.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this screen shot speaks volumes. Look at all the Docks.


DockShelf’s Docks can be placed around the Mac’s screen. Docks? Yes. Plural. Multiple Docks beyond the Mac’s built-in Dock.

The DockShelf Dock can collapse into a tab. But Docks can also be grouped into workspace which can be toggled on and off.

Like the Mac’s Dock, DockShelf Docks can be set up to expand open when the mouse pointer hovers on top. Otherwise, it compresses back to a small line margin on the edge of the screen.

QuickLook previews also work on documents within a DockShelf Dock. The cool thing about it is it’s out of the way until you hover the mouse pointer over a margin area on the Mac’s screen– then, it pops out, ready to use.

Being able to group apps or documents makes it handier than the Mac’s Dock, too. It’s also easy to get carried away and have Docks for all kinds of things. At least they’re out of the way and not visible until needed.

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