On Dumping Microsoft Office

Letting go of the past can be fraught with feelings of angst. Take Microsoft Office for Mac. Please.

As is the case with many Mac users, I depended on Microsoft Office to keep me compatible. All of my Windows PC friends used Office so I felt the need to keep pace.

All of my Macs for the past 10 years have had a version of Microsoft Office. That was the price of compatibility. And the price of comfort.

Microsoft Office for most of us is false comfort. One day I gave a co-worker a presentation done in Office for Mac. My friend’s Mac only had Apple’s iWork suite installed– Keynote, Numbers, Pages.

Guess what? No problem.

The files opened just fine in their respective Mac apps. To be fair, the Word document in Pages needed a little tweaking, but that was always the case with Microsoft Office.

The spreadsheet imported just fine. Ditto for the Keynote presentation.

Everybody was happy.

And that got me to thinking about my fear of losing Microsoft Office. After trying out iWork’s suite on a number of Office for Mac documents, I was ready to take the plunge and create using Keynote, Numbers, and Pages.

Plunge? I didn’t delete Microsoft Office for Mac. I just stopped using it. A month went by. Then another. Then another.

iWork’s apps worked just fine.

Plus, they were easier to use and documents actually looked better. Thank you, Apple. To be fair, Office documents imported into iWork apps need tweaking from time to time. Compatibility isn’t a perfect science, apparently.

Even Microsoft has difficulty keeping compatibility between Windows versions of Office, let alone between Mac and Windows.

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In the end, I was more productive, more relaxed, less anxious, and saved money by not using Microsoft Office.