Got Facebook? Here’s A Better Way To Use Facebook On Your Mac

From what I gather, about one in seven human beings uses Facebook. How active they are is probably a different number. Regardless, Facebook is a big deal for many people in the world, and that includes Mac users.

How do you get Facebook on your Mac? A browser window? That’s oh so 1999.

One of my favorite social media apps is MenuTab. Think of having Facebook in your Mac’s Menubar. Click, and there’s Facebook; already signed in, ready to view, and update your status.

Click the Menubar icon and MenuTab pops down with access to all the basics you find in Facebook.


You control the Facebook News Feed, the Profile page, Inbox and Photo Albums. Plus, you can access Groups, Events, Pages, and Notifications.

Not bad for free, right?


The pop down window is completely resizable. Keep it small to save screen space, or, expand it as large as you need.

MenuTab is the quickest, handiest way to get to Facebook on your Mac and it’s free. But there’s a catch.

There’s advertising and a multi-item price tag to unlock other options. For example, it’s 99-cent to kill the advertising. Pop up notifications are 99-cents, too. Or, just unlock everything and use all MenuTabs functions for $2.99.

All things considered, that’s cheap, but the free version is a good way to try MenuTab. It just makes Facebook easier, faster, less intrusive.

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