Beware The Money Grabbing Dangers On The Mac App Store

As much as I like the Mac App Store, and I do, it can also be a dangerous place for the uninformed, inexperienced, and naive Mac user.

In other words it’s a place to buy Mac apps that users really don’t need, and they’re likely to pay too much.

Too much? Here’s a case in point. Music Player in the Mac App Store is a music player that’s free. Or, it costs $7.99. Or, it’s even more expensive.

What gives? Therein is the problem. Apple curates the Mac App Store to ensure that apps meet certain technical qualifications, but doesn’t do much to determine if the world needs another app.

As of today, Music Player bills itself as regularly priced at $7.99. What does it do? Not as much as iTunes, which is free.

Here’s what you can do with Music Player.


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