BY TERA THOMAS O’BRIEN ON THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012 Add A Free Magical Broomstick App To Your Mac To Control Those Pesky Mac Menubar Icons

As big as our Mac screens get, desktop or notebook, they’re just not big enough.

As much as I love the MacBook Air, that screen real estate is limiting. Take the Mac’s Menubar. Please. I have mine stuffed with more apps, tools, utilities, than a Cook County ballot box is stuffed with dead people’s ballots. In fact, there are times, in some apps, where not all the Menubar items will display.

What’s a regular Mac user to do? Apply a little magic with a fee Mac app that selectively hides Menubar icons.

The app is called Broomstick. It’s still a beta, hence the low, low price tag. But it works well and does number of useful things, including, but not limited to hiding Menubar icons.


When you select Hide an App from the Menu, you get the second menu to select an app. Here’s the rub.

Broomstick doesn’t hide all apps in the Menubar, but the list is long and growing. Once you’ve select the app to hide, click OK.


Adding a Menubar app that’s not on the list is easy, too. Having the option to customize the order of the icons in the Menubar is a handy plus.

In the end, what you get is a Menubar that more closely matches the width of your Mac’s screen.

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