A Free Way To Give Your Mac’s Mouse Or Trackpad A Dozen New Features

Apple taught the masses how to gesture. The iPhone and iPad are touch-based devices, yes, and work just fine with gestures.

Even the Mac’s built-in trackpad or Magic Mouse can handle a few finger flipping gestures to navigate and scroll. If you’re not convinced that gestures are the future way to control our gadgets, check out MagicPrefs.

This free Mac app brings over a dozen new functions, features, and gestures to your Mac experience.

From the Mac’s Menubar you get options for Magic Mouse and trackpad and Magic Trackpad that go way beyond Apple’s certified list of features.

Add new finger clicks and taps. Setup a Middle Click and attach it to a function, like opening Dashboard Widgets or anything else.

MagicPrefs is also visual. The control panel displays your device and touch points. Simply select what you want each point to do.


The three buttons at the top of MagicPrefs controls give you access to features for Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and the MacBook Trackpad.

Within each are options for Clicks and Taps, Swipes, even Drag and Pinch. The graphical display is real time and displays each location and function.

You can get up to four finger clicks on your Mac’s mouse. Add taps, too. Up to four fingers. Then select the function for each.

One thing I don’t like about Apple’s standard controls for either trackpad or mouse is the tracking speed. MagicPrefs gives you triple the speed so mousing across the screen takes less time.

You can get to MagicPrefs from the Mac’s Menubar, but the controls reside as a System Preferences pane. It’s difficult to believe that this app is free. Start slowly after installation. Add a few clicks, taps, and gestures initially, but don’t go overboard. I had trouble remembering all the settings. Slower is better.

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