Write Much? You Need A Free Writer’s Text Tool On Your Mac

Do you ever have enough writing tools? If you use your Mac to write then you know the value of a good collection of writing tools. Built-in spell checking can be handy. Ditto for a Mac word processor that’s affordable and gets out of the way while you write.

I collect Mac writing tools. My latest find came from Mars (not the planet; see how disciplined I am about not including a pun about Mars). It’s called Mars Text Tools, and it’s a free Services-like app that gives you a few more editing tools right where you need them.

Text Tools resides in your Mac’s rich text app menu (as in TextEdit or Stickies, or other Cocoa-developed writing apps).


Notice the tools in Stickies?

What it gives you is easy access to a bunch of handy tools that you’re likely to have missed. For example, there’s the built-in Tables function. You know– columns and rows. Most of the inexpensive, basic rich text editors don’t make it easy to do tables. Text Tools does.

The pop up tool lets you select the number of rows and columns, text alignment, borders and background colors (even nest tables).

Text Tools also does Lists and Links. A simple hyperlink tool is worthy of the price of admission (Text Tools is free) alone.

Even more useful is the Ruler. The Ruler is that little strip above what you’re writing that has basic writing tools– text styles, alignment, line and paragraph spacing, and so on.

Strikethrough does what you think it does. It creates text with a strikethrough or underlining.

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Finally, there’s Copy and Paste text styles. Sometimes copy and paste is certain apps kills the formatting. This preserves it.

Options are nominal. Click to display more text tools. Click to display the Show Manage Tools menu. That’s it. Otherwise, you get a simple menu with more tools to use within those apps that don’t give you the same tools (Stickies, I’m looking at you).