This Is The Easier Way To Add Addresses To Your Mac’s Address Book

If necessity is the mother of invention, then you know why people invent things. They have a need not easily fulfilled by other products.

Take Address Book in the Mac. It’s a good address and contact manager. But putting in a bunch of addresses can be a challenge. One or two or three at a time? Fine. 50? Not so much. Worse, Address Book requires line by line entry even if you have the address in text already (such as from a list). To solve that problem (necessity) someone came up with an app (invention).

FormalAddress is a couple of apps (vanilla version and Pro version) which lets you move free-form addresses into Address Book without having to enter the name and each line of the address.

It’s drag and drop. The whole shebang for entering an address is three steps.

Step 1: Copy or drag the address you want (from a web page, an email, a list) into FormalAddress.

Step 2: Click the Formalize button to make sure all the parts of the address are in order.

Step 3: Click to send the address to Address Book.


That’s pretty much it (click the image above for a larger, pop up version). Even adding a single address to Address Book is faster with FormalAddress.

Wait. What if you have a page of 10 or 12 addresses? Or, a list of addresses?

The same steps apply for up to 10 names and addresses at a time (1,000 for FormalAddress Pro). Drag and drop. Or, export names and addresses in a variety of formats. (tabbed text, CSV, even VCF). To import, simply drop names and addresses into FormalAddress. Rearrange the fields to match your needs. Click to send them to Address Book.

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FormalAddress recognizes addresses from many different countries. You can even customize the export in the Pro version.

What sold me was how much time it took to drag and drop a name and address versus entering the whole name, line by line, manually into Address Book.