There’s A Better Way To Navigate Your Mac’s Pop Up Dialog Boxes

As much as we love how well the Mac works, how simple and straightforward it can be (compared to Windows or Linux), there’s always room for improvement. Nothing improves without change.

A friend asked me what I thought of Default Folder. I’ve heard of it, but didn’t have an opinion so I decided to check into it. This is an app with some meat on the bones.

Default Folder may not be the correct name to use. It attaches a toolbar to the right side of your Mac’s Open and Save pop up dialog boxes. Those tools are amazingly handy. When the dialog box pops up you have options galore (that wouldn’t normally be available in a dialog box).

The claim to fame, and hence the name, is that Default Folder bounces back to the last folder you used in a given app. It remembers where to look first. That’s all well and good but get a load of these functions that make the app very useful.

First, the Preferences. You can choose specific folders for specific apps as the defaults. And you can have multiple favorites.


Likewise, Settings give you options for the Menu, Open and Save views and keystroke combos, the dialog box toolbar’s styles, and the ability to exclude Default Folder from specific apps.


That’s just the setup. Here’s the meat and potatoes. Take a look at what happens when a Open or Save dialog box pops up. It’s surrounded by this dark charcoal toolbox with all kinds of handy tools you can use while you’re still using the dialog box.

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Not only can you navigate within the dialog boxes, but you can change file or folder names, zip up files into an archive, Get Info, move a file to the Mac’s Trash, and much more.

Click on the right side tools to get help, change Preferences, rename, Get Info, reveal in Finder, even move a file. You can also navigate to any location on your Mac without moving the dialog box Open or Save navigation window. It even remembers the last few folders you saved items to.

Within the pop up dialog box, Default Folder lets you search for items, change label colors, and even has a box to remember what you just did. The dark charcoal box surrounding the dialog box is a bit disconcerting at first. If you move the mouse pointer away from the box, it darkens the Mac’s whole screen, forcing you to focus on what you need to do.

All the features make Default Folder a power user tool, but every Mac user, regardless of experience, will love the additions and find them indispensable in no time.