How To Bring A Little iPhone And iPad Magic To Your Mac’s Screen

Are you a Mac purist? Do you long for the days of a single-button Mac mouse and a pixelated black and white screen?

Nope. Not me. What I like are newer, easier, better, more intuitive ways to do what I’ve been doing on my Mac for a dozen years.

Think cut, copy, paste. We’ve nailed down those keyboard shortcuts, right? Uh, not so fast. Many millions of Mac users came from the Windows PC world where everything is more complicated, complex, different, etc.

Most of those new Mac users also have roots in the iPhone, which has a clever way to perform some of the basic cut, copy, paste routines.

That same simplicity is available on the Mac with PopClip. It’s a cut, copy, paste pop up that works similar to the same function on an iPhone or iPad.

This nifty tool lives in the Mac’s Menubar but integrates itself into your cut, copy, paste, spell check, open URL, search routine.


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