Get Free Classy Photos For Your Mac’s Desktop Wallpaper (new images daily)

How do you personalize your Mac? Wallpapers? Or, Desktop pictures? From what I can tell, they’re the same. Apple calls them Desktop pictures on the Mac. On Windows, they’re Wallpapers. Why can’t we all just get along?

If it’s your Mac’s Desktop then how can pictures you put on the desktop be called wallpapers? See what the influence of millions of Windows PC users to the Mac platform causes?

Desktop pictures is one way to customize your Mac. Most of the time my Mac’s Desktop is cluttered with files, folders, photos, and stuff, while the screen covers up whatever picture I’m displaying at the time.

If you’d like some classy Desktop pictures for free, then check out Kuvva Wallpapers (I should write them and tell them that it’s really Desktop pictures, not wallpapers).

What you get is far classier than most Desktop pictures. These are curated. That means someone else selects the wallpaper for you. The app downloads a new picture every day, and features a different artist or photographer each week. It can even rotate images throughout the day.

Some designs are purely modern art. Others are photographs.


Here’s how Kuvva Wallpapers might look on a Mac.


The images are attractive and the price is right. The app is free.

Now the downside. Changing Desktop pictures/wallpaper takes too long. The app itself is easy to use but a bit buggy (a few crashes already). Some of the pictures/wallpaper are stunning, others are pure baloney art. In this case, you do get what you pay for.

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