Bored With Your Mac Life? Make Your Mac’s Desktop Come Alive

There are times when my Mac life becomes rather mundane. I blame it on no viruses, no crashes, and a combination of productivity, efficiency, and ease-of-use.

There was a time when I’d become a melancholy Mac user and, for a brief period, not appreciate what Apple gave me. Then I’d use a friend’s Windows PC notebook to check my email, and within a minute or two wonder how people put up with Windows.

These days, when Mac melancholy strikes, I look for an app to brighten my day and my spirits. Last week I found My Living Desktop. It’s a video desktop screensaver that aims to make your Mac’s Desktop come alive (so to speak).

What you get is videos on the Desktop. Think of it as Desktop pictures (or, wallpaper) that moves.

My Living Desktop comes with over two dozen high definition videos you can use on your Mac’s Desktop, but you can also import your own movie clips to personalize the Desktop.

It features an Automatic Serenity Break function to remind you to take a break (ostensibly, by watching a Desktop video). There’s even a built-in rating system for videos.

The app itself works very well but isn’t cheap, though you can try before you buy. Here’s the problem I have with it.

First, my Mac’s Desktop is cluttered with apps and windows and Finder and folders. It’s not exactly visual serenity.

Second, as pleasant to use as My Living Desktop’s videos and screensaver are, you have to go out of your way to use it and enjoy it (except for the screensaver).

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Finally, that large library of Serene Scenes, those beautiful videos you can download and use on your Mac’s Desktop, comes with a price tag. It doesn’t take long to end up with a very expensive Mac screensaver.

Assume you’re really bored with your Mac life, and Mac melancholy has taken root and you’re willing to pay anything– anything– to make it go away. My Living Desktop just might do the trick.

So would a puppy.