4 Ways This Mac Clipboard App Is The Tool Of The Year

Despite a decade of continuous, daily Mac experience, this old dawn can learn a new trick or two. Do you use your Mac’s clipboard? If you cut, copy, or paste, you use the clipboard. Here’s an app that makes the Mac’s clipboard your new friend.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with cut, copy, paste. We all do it. The Mac’s built-in clipboard just doesn’t have much of a memory. Whatever you copy is lost as soon as you copy something else. The clipboard remembers only one thing at a time.

Enter PTHPasteboard Pro, my Mac’s new friend. What it does is deceptively simple. It remembers everything you cut or copy so you can paste it again. It’s like having a clipboard that remembers everything you clip.


Install PTHPasteboard Pro. Open up the Preferences in your Mac’s System Preferences. Click on a few settings and from then on your Mac remembers everything you cut or copy.

Tell it to store hundreds of clipboard items. Tell it to startup when you turn on and login to your Mac.

Even better, you can have multiple Pasteboards, each with different settings. PTHPasteboard has two basic retrieval methods. Click the pin icon in the Menubar and the most recent clipboards list pops up.

Or, set PTHPasteboard to become a pop out shelf (right or left side of your Mac’s screen) so you simply move the mouse pointer to the side and it pops out without a click.

Select the previously copied text or graphic or whatever, and PTHPasteboard pastes it wherever you need.

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If you’re a Mac power user, there are keyboard shortcuts. And, if you’re in a home office or office environment with multiple Macs, PTHPasteboard can sync clipboards between Macs.

There are other filters built-in, too, which can help you to handle different types of text, but the most important function is multiple clipboards that make it easy to find what you clipped awhile ago and use it again.

It’s my new trick of the year and one of best, most useful apps I’ve bought this year.