3 Reasons To Love The Mac App That Will Have You Cursing In Delight

My Mac and I have a special relationship. She doesn’t do anything crazy (freeze, lockup, die, go wonky) and I promise not to curse when something goes wrong (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Imagine my surprise when I came across an interesting little Mac app that will have you cursing within moments. Or, if you curse regularly when you can’t find a file or folder on your Mac (or, do something you didn’t mean to do), maybe you’ll curse a little less.

Dammit is a simple Mac app that assigns speed dial buttons to the top nine files or folders, so all you have to do is enter a hotkey number (1 to 9– duh!) and you’re there.

The way it works is rather elegant. You create a stack of nine files, folders, or apps, and assign a number to each one, 1 through 9.


You can create as many stacks as you want (limited to nine apps, files, folders each) and swipe between them to get to the one you want. Click or hit the hotkey combo.

Swipe? Yep. Dammit stays hidden until you want it to hit the screen. Then swipe left or right to navigate through your stacks of apps, files, and folders.


It’s a simple and straightforward way to navigate through your most used apps, files, or folders with a minimum of clicks.

It’s also yet another way to do what you’ve been doing on your Mac for years. Dammit is good because it’s cheap, light, hidden and simple (not too much to remember).

Now, be thankful that Siri is not on your Mac. “Open Dammit!” might not go over 27 times a day in an office cubicle farm.

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