iTunes Needs Competition: Try This New Mac Music Player (because a playlist is not a spreadsheet)

Alright, dear Mac user. When it comes to playing music on your Mac, what’s your poison? iTunes, right? After all, iTunes is free. iTunes may be a behemoth but it does everything. In fact, it does so much, sometimes iTunes forgets that it started life as a music player. Yes, it has become that complicated.

Maybe what iTunes needs is a little competition.

That’s Sonora. A little competition in the Mac music player market.

Does Sonora look intimidating to you? Nope.


If Sonora looks familiar, that’s because it’s really the iTunes music player without the stores. No music store. No TV show store. No movie store. No app store.

Sonora is a plain old vanilla music player and playlists, with a little whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top.

First, it’s simple to setup and use. And drag and drop. Rearrange, edit, add or remove songs from a list. Create lists to match your moods, uncluttered by someone in your face trying to sell you something with every click.

Sonora handles major music file formats from MP3 to AAC, from OGG to WAV, from AIFF to Monkey’s Audio (such a thing exists, but I had to track it down), and a bunch in between.

Use Sonora to log into and scribble to your heart’s content. There’s a built-in playback controller, an equalizer, and instant search.

Got album covers? They’re beautiful in Sonoroa. Player buttons are big and easy to find, but also revert to discrete and out of the way.

And, just in case your music life revolves around using iTunes to sample and buy music, Sonora also syncs with iTunes so you don’t have to leave iTunes and go cold turkey.

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This nifty little app is what iTunes once was. Usable.