How To Break Your Brain On Your Mac In 3 Easy Steps

My family is old. And large. They came to Chicago about 100 years ago, and, I swear, almost everyone from back then is still living. These relatives have a few things in common (besides living for a long time). They love family. They love to drink. They put together jigsaw puzzles.

Every member of the family seems to have a jigsaw puzzle on a card table somewhere in the house. When family, friends, or neighbors drop by, they bring out the latest jigsaw puzzle and everyone joins in, talking, eating, and placing pieces of the puzzle together.

Imagine their surprise when I came through the door with my Mac in hand and announced I have a computer game they can play. Insert old people frowns here.

What I displayed, in all the glory a MacBook can display to a family of people older than dirt, was BrainsBreaker, a jigsaw puzzle app.

The scowls and frowns turned to smiles within minutes. BrainsBreaker lets you take a photo or image and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle, right on the Mac’s screen.


BrainsBreaker gives you a small view of the whole jigsaw puzzle as it should be (similar to the jigsaw puzzle box) and scatters the pieces all over the Mac’s screen.


There’s a magnifying loupe so you can zoom in on pieces, which can be moved and placed just using the Mac’s pointer.

In fact, you can move a bunch of pieces at once. Can’t finish the puzzle? No problem. Save it and bring it out again at a later date.

BrainsBreaker is a snap to set up and create puzzles. You can have different cuts of pieces, and make them larger or smaller, which results in fewer pieces (good for folks with poor eyes), or many hundreds of pieces (to challenge the best puzzle solver in the house).

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Seriously, this is hours of fun, but not necessarily aimed at the younger crowd of Mac users, though I suspect they could use a few doses of imposed patience.