Got Out Of Focus Photos? There’s A Mac App To Put The Focus Back In

Have you heard of the Lytro camera? It’s a new way to take photos. The camera itself is a crazy looking box; like a rectangularized tube with a camera lens on one end.

With Lytro, every photo is in focus. There’s no depth of field to worry about. Focusing in on an object or subject is done after you take the photo.


All that focus has a price. Lytro starts at $400.

What about Mac users who stuffed hundreds of out of focus photos into iPhoto? I have my share.

The app Back In Focus increases sharpness in out of focus photos. It uses an unsharp mask technique that brings blurry edges into a sharper line.


Built-in tools make it easy to refocus only the areas that are blurred. Grab an out of focus photo, drop it onto Back In Focus.

Switch to the deblur mode and click. That starts the Back In Focus process (a bunch of algorithms). Try different ones to achieve the sharpest focus.

Back In Focus is fun to use, but don’t expect miracles. It’s quite good at sharpening up slightly blurry photos (the kind you keep, not delete). It won’t do much for very out of focus shots.

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