Why Mac To-Do Lists Are About To Go The Way Of The Dodo Bird

How do you get things done? With a to-do list, right? For Mac users, there are a few dozen apps that claim to be the to-do end all. Which one is best?

That, dear reader, depends on your needs, the number of items you need to get done, and whether or not you to-do list items are really tasks within projects.

Apple’s iCal does to-do lists. They’re anemic at best, but at least sync between devices. Maybe that’s why Apple promises Notes and Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion. Reminders are to-do lists of a sort, but mostly, they’re, well a simple reminder with an alert.

Notes has promise, especially if it syncs nicely between Mac and iPhone and iPad.

But to-do lists remain a dime a dozen for Mac users. One of the best, and my current Keep it Cheap favorite is To-do Lists.

Take a look at this and you’ll see what I mean. It’s like Stickies but with more options, and a check list format.


All it takes is a click to make a to-do list. And a click to delete one. Amazingly, it syncs to-do list items with iCal, but the sync doesn’t stop.

It also syncs with Dropbox and iCloud and the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.

Alerts? One man’s alerts is another man’s reminders.


Lists can be imported, exported and printed. It’s drag and drop, too. Drag and drop web URLs, documents, email, or text into a to-do list.

Even customize the background colors, text colors, and fonts.

Nice, right?

So, why does To-do Lists, which is pretty good for a measly 99-cents, ready to go the way of the Dodo bird?

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Siri. At some point in the future Apple will Siri-fy all devices, including the Mac. The digital personal assistant will take care of the lists. We’ll tell Siri to create or add an item. Siri will give us a notice when time is running short.

Future interaction with lists, alerts, reminders will be us vs. Siri. And wherever we go, whichever device we use, Siri will stalk follow us.