The OS X Mountain Lion-like Apps Already On Your Mac

Apple’s latest iteration of OS X for the Mac is called Mountain Lion. It’s due this summer and promises to kill a bunch of very popular Mac apps.

Maybe it’s just my perspective, but if you’re not one to jump onto Mountain Lion as soon as it’s ready, and you want Apple to work out the bugs first, add these Mountain Lion-like apps to your Mac and bask in the joy of upgrading without an actual upgrade.

AIM & Adium & iChat: OS X Mountain Lion brings Messages which takes the place of iChat and other communication apps. So what? Adium and AIM and iChat still work. So does Skype.

Dropbox: Sure, iCloud is the cat’s meow. It works. It’s mostly free (don’t use too much storage). And it’s built-in to Mountain Lion. Dropbox does the same and more. It’s also mostly free, and it’s available now.

Growl: If you love the Notifications on iOS 5, then you’ll probably love the minor annoyances when Notifications hits your Mac with Mountain Lion. No need to wait. Growl already notifies, already works in dozens of Mac apps, and is price right.

Software Update: Don’t you just love it when a new update arrives from Apple? In Mountain Lion, updates will run through the Mac App Store. For now, get your updates the old fashioned way– wherever they are; Software Update or Mac App Store.

The point is simple to understand. Apple is blending functionality and convention from iOS into the Mac. Even Mac OS X is gone in Mountain Lion. It’s now just called OS X.

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In the meantime, some of the highly touted new features that iPhone and iPad users take for granted, and are destined for Mountain Lion, can be had by Lion and Snow Leopard Mac users.