MacBook Air or iPad?

My Mac experience goes back to the PowerBook days, pre-Intel, pre-MacBook line, pre-Mac OS X. My latest flame is the MacBook Air. It’s light, fast, elegant, sturdy, and does almost anything a desktop Mac can do, but it fits in a bag, backpack, or briefcase.

By all accounts, how I use the MacBook Air is roughly the same as all my previous Mac notebooks. Until this past year. They say old habits die hard. The Mac habit is dying quickly.

Although not much different in size, my MacBook Air usage has dropped dramatically in the six months I’ve had an iPad. The iPad rules for all the basic computing tasks. The MacBook only gets used for heavy lifting and these days there’s less and less to lift.

The iPad takes care of email, Twitter, Facebook, writing, browsing, checkbook balancing, photo management, music, movie clips, streaming video watching, and much, much more.

Wherefore art thou, Oh MacBook love of mine?

Is it any wonder that PC sales are dropping? The iPad has truly become the computer for the rest of us, and in many ways the Mac is not. It’s lighter, easier to use, has longer battery life, and– here it comes– has more apps from which to choose.

If you’ve long been a Mac user and now have an iPad, how much less do you use your Mac?

I just did a quick search on Aunt Tera’s original Mac site, Mac360. I searched for iPad. The first usage of the term iPad dates back to November of 2005, years before Apple introduced the world’s largest iPod. If Aunt Tera was anything, she was insightful.

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The future of personal computing is already here. It’s an iPad.