Mac Reminders And Notifications Ad Nauseam

Your Mac is about to become the center of information overload. That was predicted by the Mayans to occur sometime later this year. Leave it to Apple to make it happen.

With the launch of OS X Mountain Lion later this year, Apple brings us all those things we love to love and hate about iPhone and iPad.

Reminders. Alerts. Notifications.

iChat is gone. iCal is gone. Address Book is gone. Such is the price of progress. But only the names have changed. iCal becomes Calendar. Address Book becomes Contacts. Just like they are on the iPhone, all synchronized nice and tidy by Apple’s iCloud.

Reminders? Notifications?

Reminders are standalone in the Mac of tomorrow. Notifications from all over will take up residence at the side of your Mac’s screen, visible with a click or a trackpad swipe.


The Notification Center will slide out from the right of the Mac’s screen to display all those notices you were trying to avoid. Gotcha! Notification Banners will pop up like Growl notices and then disappear, whether you’re watching or not.

That also means Notifications will be available wherever you are on the Mac. Click a notification and it will open the app.

What’s the problem with Apple’s new found synchronicity of devices? My Mac on the desk will alert me to a Reminder or Notification at the same time the iPad in my hand delivers the same alerts at the same time the iPhone in my purse delivers more of the same alert noise.

Reminders? Notifications? Or, is it simply synchronized noise in the guise of alerts?

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