Chicken Salsa

It’s not a Latin dance by Benton Harbor, but it is a favorite. I wonder what Jessica Simpson thinks of Chicken Salsa? Is it a Spanish Fowl? Or, a latin inspired dance of a barnyard animal? Remember, she had trouble understanding Chicken of the Sea.

Food is a necessity for life, though well prepared food goes beyond the daily needs to sustain life. True life is sustained by Chicken Salsa. Seriously. Well, that and salmon.

As you know, I don’t sing or dance (at least, to a level I’ll admit, or in mixed company), but I have good taste, despite Charlie Tuna’s need to know the difference between good taste and tasting good.

If Jessica were here today I’d sit her down, explain the facts of chicken life. I’d start with a little history regarding crime fighter Benton Harbor, and finish off the lesson with my version of Chicken Salsa.

Simple. Elegant. Quick. Tasty. Good for you. Mostly.

Tera’s Chicken Salsa

2 tablespoons of real butter. Melt it. Add just a little more.

1/4 cup mesquite cooking sauce and marinade.

(substitute a hickory-flavored barbeque sauce).

4 chicken breasts, split and skinned .

1/2 cup green or red salsa; I prefer red.

Sour cream (more than you think you need).

Stir butter and mesquite (or barbecue) sauce in a bowl, brush butter over chicken.

Brush more butter over chicken.

Grill chicken; turn and baste with more butter (20 to 30 minutes).

Spoon the salsa over each chicken breast before serving; drop sour cream on top.

This will get you about four servings of chicken unless you’re like me, then it serves only three. Two for me, one each for two friends or family members.

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It’s a quick meal and better than Hot Pockets in a microwave. As best I can determine there’s about 200 calories per breast, and seven grams of fat. It’s low carb, too, but it doesn’t matter.

If you have to die young, die eating something you like.

OK, so who’s Benton Harbor, Tera?