Songs To Think About

It’s a brave new world with strange new bedfellows. Literally. What do Pink and Willie Nelson have in common? Hit songs and controversial themes. What? Pink, yes, but say it ain’t so, Willie. Gimme a ballad and throw stink on the pink.

It’s a new century, Tera. Get used to the changes. Willie still looks like Willie. Only more so.

Neil Diamond has hair. Again. Music videos are still tough to understand (I don’t want symbolism, I want singing and sex!).

My case in point for the week is Pink. I’m not a fan, though anyone who can poke at Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton (all in the same album) can’t be all bad.

Mostly. But not all.

Whether you’re in to Pink or not, view the music video and tell me what you think of the generation Pink.

Click Here and view at your own risk.

What’s the message?

In the shadow of this year’s hit movie “Brokeback Mountain,” Willie Nelson grabs the theme of forbidden love on the high plains with both horns; so to speak.

Ned Sublette’s 1980s country tune “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)” gets Willie at his best, tongue in cheek; so to speak.

My generation was rock ‘n roll; singing and sex. These days the music is country but the theme is the same. Only the partners have changed.

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