Goodbye iPod. We Hardly Knew Ye

About to shuffle off into oblivion is the iPod shuffe. News from Business 2.0 says Apple may ditch the diminutive iPod shuffle in favor of a one gigabyte iPod nano. Is that such a good idea? Where’s the Micro, Pequeno, and Invisa when we need them?

Cutting the shuffle is probably a good idea from a cost savings standpoint. It simplifies the line. After all, Apple is in business to make money. An iPod nano with a single gigabyte could replace the shuffle at the same price and sport more features, more “cool.”

The iPod nano is hot as owners of older iPods add a second device, and new users flock to the ultra cool white or black with color screen.

So, is the iPod nano “hot” or “cool?” You judge. Also hot is the regular iPod; often known as the “video iPod.” It’s just an iPod. It does music, photos, and videos.

Still, the iPod shuffle has only been around a year and already it’s old hat. Things change. This axiom of business life was brought home in a Saturday Night Live sketch which featured Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs was shown promoting the new iPod micro which was launched on SNL’s Weekend Update as a special report. Immediately after launch, the iPod micro was scrapped.

In place of the just released Micro came the iPod Pequeno. Before we could get a look at the tiny Pequeno, it was replaced by the invisible iPod invisa, touted to hold 8-million songs and every photograph ever taken.

I was tempted to head to the Apple Store to see what was going on.

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