Friday, September 13, 2013

A Nifty New Way To Use Your Mac’s Mouse Or Trackpad Without Clicking

DwellClickColor me jaded but I’m still on the lookout for nifty little utilities that do what Apple doesn’t bother to do for Mac users.

Take point and click. Whether we’re using a trackpad or a mouse, point and click is the standard navigation technique, right? Move wrist or fingers to point. Then use fingers to click.

It’s been that way since I started using a mouse. That’s just the way it is and it can’t get any better, right? Or, at least, not until Siri comes to the Mac and starts taking verbal commands. Well, here’s a handy tool that cuts the point and click effort in half. It’s DwellClick. It’s all point and no click.

Simply move the Mac’s onscreen pointer to whatever you’d normally click on– buttons, windows, etc. Then, leave the pointer motionless for second. DwellClick is smart and knows what you want to click (even click-dragging an app window).

You can move and resize windows, drag files and folders, set a hotkey for specific types of clicks, or just use it handsfree (except for moving the onscreen pointer).

DwellClick’s preferences are extensive.

DwellClick Preferences

You control the dwell time, and the audio and visual feedback of each movement. DwellClick has a neat pop-up panel so you can choose from multiple options (as needed).

More DwellClick Prefs

You know how often you point and click each day, right? DwellClick simply automates the click. Years ago I used LazyMouse, which does something similar, but it has issues with newer versions of OS X.