Monday, July 1, 2013

There’s No More Google Reader So Get Your RSS Fix With Caffeinated

CaffeinatedIt’s all over but the shouting. After taking over the RSS world with Google Reader, the search giant decided to dump the whole, leaving hundreds of thousands or millions of users looking for a better way.

Forget Reader. It’s history. RSS is doing better than ever, though, and the Mac App Store is loaded with cleverly done RSS readers, some free, some not, many very good replacements for Reader.

One I like is called Caffeinated, a standalone RSS reader which has been around awhile. Caffeinated sets up like most RSS readers but also allows you to share articles from your subscriptions to Twitter, Facebook, Readability, Delicious, Google Plus, Instapaper, Read It Later, Evernote, and even Safari’s Reading List.

The layout and interface is completely familiar. Sidebar of subscriptions, article headline and summary in the middle column, full article in the right column.


Subscriptions can be imported, exported, and manually arranged in folders to suit your needs. If you’ve never used a standalone RSS reader, Caffeinated is a good one to start and the price is nominal.