Friday, May 31, 2013

Free On Friday: 6 Free Apps For Your iPhone From My Personal Stash

iPhone ToolsBe honest with me. How many free apps have you downloaded for your iPhone or iPad?

And, how many of those do you still use each day?

For most of us, there’s a discrepancy between the two. We use less than we try, we keep fewer than we download. Who among us does not look forward to something good and free for the weekend? Here’s a look at six of the best free apps on my iPhone and why you’ll like using them, too.

First up is a todo list. If you’re at all like me chances are good you’ve tried out half a dozen and still can’t get things done on time.

#6: ThingList – Here’s what I like about ThingList. It’s not just a todo list. It’s a list of ‘I want to do this…’ items. An item could be a new restaurant to try, or a movie to see, or an idea you want to jot down, or a store you’d like to try, or a vacation you’d like to take. It’s not formal list making, but is a good place to get things closer to the heart.

#5: iTranslate – This is one of those really handy free tools to translate words from one language to another. Enter a word, select a language, get a translation. iTranslate is free and almost free. If you want voice recognition in a translation, that’ll cost a few bucks. But it’s a great app when you travel.

#4: Quick Scan – You’re getting ahead of me. Walk into any store and you see products and price tags and bar codes. Quick Scan lets you scan those bar codes and check for prices on the same product in other stores. How cool is that?

#3: Flashlight – There must be 100 of these in the App Store, and while it seems odd, a flashlight in your iPhone is what Flashlight gives you for free. It can use the LED light in iPhone 4 and above, and even does strobe and blinking.

#2: Evernote – Maybe I’m cheating a bit because everyone uses Evernote, right? You don’t. Evernote is the one multi-platform notes taking app that just seems to work. Use it for free until it costs money (because you use it so much).

#1: AnyList – Yes, everyone has a list app, but none are quite as good or useful as the AnyList Grocery Shopping List app for your iPhone. Foodies love this app because it’s the best way to create a grocery store list and recipe list and make it all shareable with friends and neighbor foodies. Guess what? Use Siri to add items to the list.

That’s it. 6 Free on Friday apps for your iPhone from my personally tried and certified as worthy free apps. What’s on your list of free iPhone apps?