Thursday, March 28, 2013

The One Thing Microsoft Windows Phone Does Better Than iPhone

iPhone AngerTeraTalks’ claim to fame is Aunt Tera’s opinions and perspectives, both on all things Apple, and on anything else that struck her fancy.

From time to time I get email which asks me for an opinion on this or that.

I’ve been somewhat hesitant to climb out on a limb; partly because it’s not my nature, and partly because I’d prefer not to be compared too quickly to my namesake, a far more experienced and opinionated lover of Apple products.

That said, here’s something Apple should steal from Microsoft.

Apple’s lock screen can hold a custom photo behind the unlock slider. And that’s it. That’s also crazy devoid of usefulness, so compare the iPhone’s screen to Windows Phone’s live tiles.

Windows Live Tiles

Hello? Is that not far more informative with a single glance? Even more so if the tiles are fully customizable, as they should be.

One quick glance coughs up information about missed calls, email inbox, weather, date and time, online game status and much more.

Live, customizable tiles need to be in iOS 7 and hooked into third party apps so we can choose what to put on the screen and where and what size.

Yes, I know Microsoft has been sued because of some silly copyright infringement over live tiles, but so what? Companies get sued all the time for trivial and inconsequential complaints. If Microsoft can come up with something that’s better than Apple’s own, why not a little tit for tat?

Oh, and Samsung should pay Apple the $1-billion owed for losing their patent lawsuit.


  1. GC says

    Apple has a much better system for keeping you alerted and informed about what is going on. It’s called Notification Centre. It’s much more informative than what a tile can give you and you can choose which items display on the lock screen.

  2. iggy pence says

    So far, Notification Center has been a dud, a big yawner. It’s merely a big list of text items; no graphics, no ‘one glance’ to get information. NS was simply bolted on top of iOS, but pales in significance to what you can do on both Android and Windows Phone. Apple needs to step up its game.

  3. Bill says

    The issues that are unaddressed by your perspective are those of battery usage and bandwidth. For live updates such as the tiles, both would come into play. It is concievable that with unlimited battery power and bandwidth we could have constant visible updates on all that interest us. Apple has done well to manage battery usage and bandwidth as they exist now. Windows seems to imagine an unlimited future that has yet to emerge. I have confidence Apple will make proper adjustments as reality changes. Until then, I don’t mind signing in to get how many email messages I have.

  4. iggy pence says

    How does the iPhone’s battery life compare to battery life on Windows Phone or Samsung Galaxy S3 or BlackBerry? They’re all about the same, no? One day of usage.