Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Every Writer Needs On The Mac: A Word Count Dashboard, Notes, Reminder, And Inspiration App

Word Count DashboardWe writers are a fickle bunch. We slave over a steaming hot keyboard all day, but don’t venture out much to find apps that can help us be more productive, more efficient, and give us a little more time at the end of the day.

Good writing tools for the Mac have certain basics, one of which is word count. The more statistics, the better, right? So, if you write, and you use a Mac, what would you put into a writer’s control panel, a writing dashboard?

Word Count Dashboard is a bit misnamed because it does more than track the number of words you write on a given project. It’s also a motivational corkboard on your Mac’s screen, complete with sticky notes, photos for inspiration, notes and targets.

Does this look familiar?

Word Count Dashboard

Word Count Dashboard is more control panel for writing projects, good for setting daily targets, adding notes, and keeping track of progress to date.

Objective visualization can be improved by dropping in a photo. Give yourself little stars depending on how productive you are each day. The app is also a good place to write, but won’t replace a dedicated word processor.

The look of Word Count Dashboard is somewhat sophomoric, but utilitarian, and a rather inexpensive replacement for some of the more esoteric, complex, and expensive writer’s tools, Scrivener, which I use.