Thursday, February 21, 2013

Here’s An Even Easier, Faster, Better, Not Cheaper Way To Manage App Windows On A Mac

ArrangeWhen something goes wrong, I find it convenient to blame it on inherited genes.

Take my OCD. Please. I’m sure it came from my father who to this day insists that the universe bend itself to his view of what is orderly.

Likewise, it frustrates me no end when I check something on my husband’s Mac and I find 27 apps opened, windows scattered hither and yon (as much as you can, digitally). I get goosebumps, which can be alleviated with the right kind of onscreen organization such as what you’ll find in Arrange, the Mac app window manager.

Arrange makes app windows snap into place in a nice pre-defined grid, selected from a menu, or move windows around free form and they remember where you put them.

Arrange Grid

That’s about all you need. Pre-defined grid locations. Or, free form.

That said, Arrange does a little more, including a multi-windows tool that moves multiple windows into place at the same time. There’s also a bunch of keyboard shortcuts so your hand doesn’t need to leave the keyboard to scratch your OCD itch.

I’ve tried half a dozen app window management apps, and this must be the simplest of all to setup and use. Some older apps or utilities might not play nice-nice with Arrange, but those are mostly relic apps that should have been dispensed with around the time of Snow Leopard.