Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few Thoughts On Apple’s iWatch, Why I Want One, And Why You’ll Buy One, Too

iWatchUnless you’ve been hiking the mountains of Afghanistan in recent months, you know about the iWatch.

Whatever it is, Apple is working on it, has a few patents already, and Chief Designer Jonny Ive didn’t even have to do a mock up because the Apple quadrant of the internet has done the design work already. All Apple needs to do is select the best design and build it.

Maybe that’s easier said than done, but having a communication device that is not in my pocket or purse or briefcase is an idea whose time has come.

Forbes does a run down of the latest patents and designs, but all you need to do is to think translucent, wearable bracelet-like, watch-like device and you’re halfway to placing an order.

Among the dozens of mockups and drawings on Google, I like this design concept from the Chocolate Agency.

iWatch Design by Chocolate Factory

Would you buy one?

All it needs to do is the basics. Tell time. Sound alarms. Visible notifications (with alarms). And, maybe play music, play music videos, play movies, and have a few apps. Oh, an connect to the iPhone in your pocket, or, perhaps even better, simple connect to the cloud or 4G.

Regardless, what’s another few hundred dollars to be one of the privileged tens of millions to wear another Jonny Ive design in full view of muggers and thieves?