Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iCloud, Dropbox, And Cloud Storage Rule, So Why Not Put A Corkboard In The Cloud?

CorkBoard in the CloudWho among us does not have some refrigerator art?

Think photos, reminders, notes, recipes, shopping list. That’s common, right?

How about a cork board for messages, notes, todo items, and more. That’s common, too, right? Well, here we are in the digital age where real life items show up in the digital realm, including the corkboard. What’s the next logical step? A corkboard in the cloud.

For whatever reason we humans seem to take objects we use in real life and move them to our digital devices, including the Mac.

We have wallpaper in the house. The Mac has wallpaper. We have a desk and a desktop. The Mac has a desktop. There’s a calendar somewhere in your home, and there’s definitely a calendar on the Mac.

So, why not CorkBoard in the Cloud?

It’s an idea whose time has come, and this one is free. It’s also exactly what you think it is. A digital corkboard with digital stickies (notes and photos) that sync up with other Macs or iPhone and iPad using your iCloud account.

This screenshot explains it all.

CorkBoard in the Cloud