Friday, January 25, 2013

Got iPhoto? Yes, You Do. Got A Photo Collage Maker? Try A Professional Collage App

Picture Collage MakerThe entire camera and industry owes a debt of gratitude to Apple for creating iPhoto.

The only problem I’ve had with iPhoto through the years is managing the ever growing number of digital photos. Where will it all end?

Does the iPhoto library just continue to grow until we can’t save photos onto our Macs anymore and we’re all required to pay Apple by the month to store digital photos in iCloud? Probably not, but I’ve been working on a project to use my iPhoto collection more frequently, which has led me to a few photo collage maker apps.

They range from free to skip a dinner out. Picture Collage Maker is one of the skip-a-dinner-out versions. It has a price tag. In other words, it’s more professional than casual and has options for a number of collage themes. And, you guessed it, they have price tags, too.

Photo Collage Maker

Collage apps all have one thing in common. Collage layouts, or templates. What makes Picture Collage Maker a pro-like level app is the number of templates– over 130 at last count, and you can download even more.

Otherwise, the app is straightforward to use. Select a template layout. Drag and drop photos onto the collage placeholders.

Then, move photos around, compose, rotate, resize to your heart’s content. Change background patterns. You can even customize the layout elements.

Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage maker has options to share finished photo collages, create collages as gifts or cards or posters. It’s nicely done, somewhat similar to other collage apps, but excels in the variety and options for collage layouts.

Now, for my For What It’s Worth thought of the day, a word or two about in-app purchases. They’re growing in number. Mac (and iPhone and iPad) developers have figured out a way to provide limited functions with a small price (or free), but then sell more features in the App Store.

So, caveat emptor.