Monday, January 7, 2013

7 Reasons You’ll Like Using The Mac App Uninstaller That Actually Works

iTrashMy personal Mac maintenance project this week is to find a Mac app that uninstalls all the apps I managed to install last year.

That’s easier said than done. Mac apps often scatter files hither and thither in various folders on the Mac. Just dragging a Mac app you don’t want to the trash doesn’t ensure that all the associated support files get trashed, too.

Mac users can choose from half a dozen decent app uninstallers which range from free to downright expensive. Today I’m using iTrash, which is somewhere in between.

What I like about iTrash is that it’s a multi-faceted app uninstaller. First, it’s drag and drop which means it’s easy to use.


Second, it also resides in the background so when an app is sent to the Trash, iTrash pops up with options.

The built-in application lister function will search your Mac to find all available installed apps, preference panes, and Dashboard Widgets, even those on connected storage devices.

Some apps can be protected so they cannot be deleted by accident. Files which may be related to an app you want to delete can be searched for two ways using Lost Files and Expert Mode.

And, any app that deletes files needs to have a log of what it did and which files were selected and deleted, and iTrash has that, too. So far, iTrash has worked very well and manages to remove the Application Support files which often get left behind when deleting an app.

What bothers me is that iTrash doesn’t know which apps place which files where. To do that, an uninstaller app has to monitor every app to know exactly where files are placed. That functionality is available on other app uninstallers, such as CleanApp but the price tag is also higher.