Friday, December 14, 2012

What The Top Mac App For 2012 Can Do To Enhance Your Photos

SnaphealAs 2012 draws to a close (and, if you believe the Mayan Calendar, the earth draws to a close), it’s time to put out the Best Of list.

Because I’m something of a Mac appaholic, it only seems appropriate for me to name the Best Mac App for 2012. OK, here goes. You have photos in iPhoto, right? Of course you do.

What is the common denominator of many of those photos? They have objects in the photo you’d like to remove. Short of two years to get up the Photoshop learning curve, what can you do?

Add Snapheal to your Mac. How this clever and inexpensive photo enhancement app works is mostly magic. Drop in a photo, select an object in the photo that needs to be removed (as in erased but without the erasure hole).

Presto! Voila! Object removed. Photo looks fabulous.

Snapheal Example 2

See the man in the photo above? Wave Snapheal’s magic brush-cum-wand over him, as if you were erasing his image, and he disappears but the background stays intact.

Snapheal removes unwanted objects like people, poles, lines, and blemishes, as well as text, signatures, even pimples.

It has other tools but who cares? Sure, it has sharpen and noise reduction, light level controls, clone and stamp, clarity and color temperature and it crops, rotates, flips, and a whole bunch more.

Erase is the one you’ll use the most. It’s fast, simple, and actually fun to use. You’ll find yourself looking for objects in a photo to make disappear.

Easily, this is my favorite new app of 2012.