Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What’s A Good Name For A Mac And iPhone Organizer App? Think Cheese!

CheddarLate Sunday night I was browsing around the Mac App Store and came across an interesting app that supposedly helps one to stay organized.

This one is just text. That’s it. Write stuff and it stays on your Mac and syncs to your iPhone.

What’s it called? Cheddar. Hey, at least the name is memorable, though the app’s icon could be more similar to the color of cheddar cheese. Regardless, Cheddar is unique in that it tries to do less and succeeds. If an app is priced at free, what can you expect? More? For that you’ll need to ante up to Cheddar Plus.

Cheddar is as much like a little notes app as anything, except you can add a tag to a note to make it easier to search through a growing list of notes.


As todo list or notes apps go, Cheddar is an odd duck (starting with the name). Text can be formatted using Markdown which makes it a more geeky app (who uses Markdown? What’s wrong with Bold?).

The online sync between Mac and iPhone works well, but features in the free version are limited, and you don’t find out about the shortcoming until you start to use it and get prompted to buy the Cheddar Plus version.

I fear Apple’s app stores are becoming a den for bait and switch.