Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Try The Mac Photo Effects App That’s Like A Mini Point And Click Photoshop

FlareThere once was a time when the Mac was known as the computer that was only good for graphics and design.

It’s still good for graphics and design, and much more, including photo enhancements.

One quick trip to the Mac App Store will get you acquainted with dozens of apps with filters, effects, textures, and quite a few apps that have only one or two features, and are priced accordingly. At the mid-range of photo enhancement apps is one of my favorites.

I like to think of Flare as a mini point and click Photoshop. Is Flare really Photoshop-like? Only in that Flare can enhance photos with more effects than you probably need. Considering Flare’s price tag is just a few dollars, this is the app that truly gives bang for the buck.

There is no trick and not much of a learning curve to use Flare. If you can point and click, you’re half way there.

Flare Presets

Admittedly, I stray off the Flare presets path to get lost for awhile in trial and error woods. There are that many options but fewer controls to master.


Flare contains almost 100 effects, which also include textures, frames, borders, and much more. Many of these effects are standard for Mac photo enhancement applications, but they’re presented in a way that makes them easy to add to a photo.

There are color effects, editing tools, lens effects, and standard export options. Flare even handles RAW photos.

If iPhoto isn’t enough and Photoshop is out of the question, Flare becomes a good way to get more from a photo, to add a creative touch, but not have to worry about a learning curve. It’s all point and click.