Friday, December 21, 2012

This Mac Video Converter App Converts 32 Audio And Video Formats

Video ConverterMost of the time there’s no need to worry about converting a video or audio file before uploading to the web, or emailing to a friend.

Most Mac apps that can open a video clip, or an audio file can also convert and save files in a format others can use. Most of the time. Sometimes there’s a file format that causes expected behavior to go all wonky. For that you need a professional video converter app (which also does audio).

Through the years various converter apps have come and gone and I truly hope this one stays. Video Converter has a modest price tag but a very long list of video and audio file conversion options.

Why bother with a standalone converter app? Just the other day in the office someone brought in video in some strange format that neither a Windows PC or a Mac could convert.

After I got permission to give it a try (with a reimbursement), Video Converter did the trick.

Video Converter

Setup was simple. We copied the video clips onto the Mac, selected one to try in Video Converter, selected an output video file format, and clicked the Start button.

Video Converter Batch

There’s an option to batch convert multiple video or audio files, too. Video clips can be cropped, clipped, and multiple clips merged into one, but don’t consider it a true-blue video editor in the iMovie sense. It’s not.

Subtiles can be added to a video to be converted, and it even converts HD to another HD format (but doesn’t do standard definition to HD).

Most of the presets are simple to figure out, but if you’re into detailed configurations, both audio and video codec, quality, bit rate, size, sample rate and more can be adjusted.

Video Converter is decent and probably saved us a few hours of scouring around for an app that could do the same thing.